PoP - Package on Package BGA Assembly

There is increasing demand to design and build products using Package on Package components from customers involving in hand held products, such as mobile communications, PDA, tablet and camera based technology.

Tropical Assemblies, Inc provides a PCB assembly service for package-on-package (PoP) technology devices as fine as 0.3mm pitch. We are the only electronic manufacturer in South Florida with the capability to place Package-on-Package BGA, allowing our customers access to this manufacturing technology.


Package on package (PoP) is an integrated circuit packaging method to combine vertically discreet logic and memory ball grid array (BGA) packages. Two packages are installed on top of each other, i.e. stacked, with a standard interface to route signals between them. PoP saves around 60% of space by stacking components over one another, compared to using each component separately. This allows a much higher component density PCB design to be used.


We provide manufacturing services for package-on-package BGA assembly (PoP devices) for rapid prototype to medium batch production orders. Our service is suitable for a wide variety of products.


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