PCB Assembly

Tropical Assemblies, Inc utilizes the latest in production technology to assemble your product efficiently and effectively. Our specialty is low to medium volume, high complexity and/or high reliability assemblies compliant with a wide range of standards including IPC 610 Class 2 and Class 3.
PCB Assembly Capabilities:
    • No Clean and Aqueous Flux Chemistries
    • Leaded and Lead Free solder
    • Four High Speed Juki KE-2080RL pick and place
    • Long Board Technology can process PCB length of 32 inches
    • DEK Horizon 03iX screen printer
    • Four Juki MTC Matrix IC changer
    • Two Quad Mark IVC pick and place lines
    • Mirtec AOI MV-2GT
    • Mirtec AOI MV-2HTL
    • Automated SMT print inspection
    • 7 Zone Reflow Ovens with 3 cool down zones (Great for heavier RF/Metal substrates)
    • BGA X-Ray and Rework Station
    • Multiple Through-hole Assembly
    • Universal Automated Through-hole insertion
    • Automated Optical Inspection
    • Multiple Through-hole Assembly
    • Universal Automated Through-hole insertion
    • SCS PRECISION Conformal Coat machine
    • Bonding and Underfill
    • Potting
    • Cable & Harness Assembly
    • ICT and Functional Test
    • Three AGILENT E5052 RF Test Stations
    • Automatic Wire/Stripper
    • Mechanical Box Build Facility
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