Operational Overview

The following describes four of our major department overviews. We challenge our competitors in meeting the standards of excellence that we present:
Program Coordinators: “Dedicated Customer Service
Each of Tropical Assemblies, Inc customer accounts is assigned a Program Coordinator for efficient customer service, to oversee our customers Purchasing, Production, and Quality requirements.
Our Program Coordinators are experienced in all aspects of Program Management, utilizing our full MRP System and Live WIP Tracking to fully execute a seamless transition from your BOM to finished products.
They are our Customers direct internal point of contact for cost reduction efforts, generating quotes, receiving & expediting purchase orders, and handling of your obsolete & end-of-life items. In addition to using your AVL, our Program Coordinators incorporate top shelf suppliers as technology partners and secured resources for hard to find components. Tropical Assemblies, Inc holds Preferred Customer Status with major component distributors; our long term relationships with these top tier suppliers are your assurance to reliable, on time, best price component sourcing.
In a manufacturing world where communication and dedication is essential to a successful partnership, Tropical Assemblies, Inc is poised and ready!
Incorporate quote check list and program management guidelines click here
Engineering / Documentation “Thorough and Precise”: “Dedicated Customer Service
Tropical Assemblies, Inc is proud to offer our Documentation and Engineering departments that has over 100 yrs combined experience in PCB layout/design/mfg and assembly.
We create a custom Manufacturing Process Plan (MPP) for your build. This MPP system guides the entire build, clarifying all part placements and highlights your unique build requirements. Both Documentation and Engineering perform an in-depth review of your data (Gerbers, Bom, Fab, Assy, P.O., etc.) with a system of checks and balances, ensuring accuracy and manufacturability.
Our Engineering department creates optimized SMT programs so your product runs quickly and accurately on our sophisticated pick and placement machines or our automated thru-hole insertion machines. Paste files are customized to meet your build, ensuring best possible solder joints. This, results in a stencil made not only for your PCB, but for the specific parts being placed.
Our Engineering Team is here to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.
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Production Control: “On Time Delivery
Tropical Assemblies, Inc utilizes a Live Work in Process (WIP) Tracking System throughout the entire manufacturing floor. A bar coded job traveler is issued with each order through our Engineering Department containing specific process steps, correlating all requirements of the Purchase Order, including product revisions, allowing for reliable component and product tracking. Computerized bar code scanners are located in each department where operators scan the job travelers after every completed process.
This enables Production Control and Program Coordinators to track all work in process by location and in real time. This system allows us to plan our workload, monitor on time deliveries, and is instrumental in managing a very organized operation.
This software was specifically designed for Tropical Assemblies, Inc tailored directly to electronic contract manufacturing services with our customers interests at the forefront.
Quality Control: “Class 3 High Reliability
Our Quality Control Program utilizes a similar software system as our Production Control. Our Quality Control Defect Tracking System is tied directly with our Live WIP Tracking System.
Inspectors who are IPC Class 3 certified inspect, document, and track all product related defects from internal process failures, to component and design failures.
Quality Control and Process Engineering designate Key Characteristics of each process through process audits in which QC monitors using SPC techniques.
This system allows for monitoring of each assembly part number specifically. Reports are generated daily and weekly Pareto Analysis Charts are used in identifying nonconformance’s where corrective actions are needed.
It is in our belief that quality is a mind set where philosophy and training are connected. That is why we are committed, our operators are J-STD 2000 and IPC 610 Class 3 certified, and incorporate ISO and AS9100 parameters, to solidify a high reliable assembled product.
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