MRP System

Tropical Assemblies Inc. uses a state of the art material, resource, and planning system (MRP).

Our established MRP system is a group of modules that is an integral part of the purchasing and manufacturing processes. Tropical Assemblies acquired this elite MRP system in 1994. The MRP system allows Tropical Assemblies to process detailed information for the following; bill of materials, inventory management, work orders, sales orders, a master production schedule and other information to accurately calculate materials requirements. The MRP system has utilized itself to allow every customer order to run efficiently.

Material Planning/ Procurement /Management:

  • Build and maintain BOM's in one visual workspace
  • Real-time supply chain system for maximum visibility
  • Control the planning, process, documentation and implementation of ECOs
  • Assign and control the relationship between internal MAX part identifiers and manufacturers' part numbers to aviod any mixups
  • Automated PO release and replenishment system on-line with the leading distributors.
  • Material Requirements Planning; Tropical Assemblies balances the supply and demand for all component parts needed to satisfy customer Master Schedule.
  • Create shop orders, track work-in-process (WIP), maintain work center information and analyze shortages and backlogs
  • Control and monitor, from receipt to shipment, the assignment of lot and/or serial numbers for components and finished goods.
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